Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Great Band - The Everybody Fields

I saw this band, The Everybody Fields last night in Hamden, Ct at The Space
I have to say they were one of the best bands I have ever seen. I picked up their latest album "Plague of Dreams" and it has been playing all day. My favorite track on the album is "Good To be home." There is great songwriting on here and the sound just captivates me. I can feel these songs in my bones and they strike something within.

"By the time we hit Virginia
I had tombstones down both sides of my faces
Driving all night home from Boston
I was so tired of being away
thinking about summertimes and heatwaves
and a town where it hardly snow
Hittin apples with a baseball bat in august
That is where I want to go
It's so good to be home."

Hearing these lines I am in the song. I'm seeing the home he's talkin about and I feel the pull to the places I call home. Excellent stuff


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